The rise of Blockchain technology has created a flurry of misguided and often confused excitement across the world.  However, now as reality dawns, businesses are beginning to comprehend the actual power of the underlying technology: Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAG) and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT).

For the first time, organisations can manage high volumes of tamperproof, verifiable, immutable and traceable transactions without the need of intervention by central authorities. These ‘Trustless’ transactions offer enormous time, cost and resource savings as well as opening gateways to immeasurable numbers of new business opportunities.

Using the Hedera Hashgraph Platform, Guard Global is harnessing this technology to implement Energy Microgrids which are designed to improve the inefficiencies of existing centralised power grids and help mitigate risks that societies, with their unquenchable thirst for electricity, are exposed to.

Guard Global forms strategic alliance with Power Transition to develop Renewable Energy Microgrids

Hedera18 Conference, Dallas

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